Technologies we Use to Deliver Industrial Solution
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The ONE CLOUD provides the infrastructure to access data from any connected source and execute complex algorithms that use data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The ONE CLOUD’s integrative capabilities work together to deliver solutions that optimize the performance of every asset while automating sales, service and core internal workflows.


ONE’s EDGE sensor extends the AI/ML technology up in the Cloud down to all your Enterprise Assets and Personnel in the field. ONE’s smart sensors enable an optimized exchange of surveillance data between Enterprise Assets, Personnel and ONE’s AI engine producing real time predictive analytics to executives and supervisors in the field. Both the Edge and Cloud work together to deliver solutions that improve the performance of every on premise and remote asset while optimizing sales and service delivery.


ONE’s Mobile Application brings Next Generation Optimization into the hands of your Technicians, Salespeople and Supervisors. By curating analytic output from the ONE Cloud and ONE Edge, ONE Mobile empowers your field force to address the right task at the right time to improve the customer experience. With ONE Mobile stakeholders possess the visibility and confidence to optimize their daily operations.

Secure and Trust Everything Connected

ONE’s embedded Intelligence monitors and analyzes all your Devices to Predict and Prevent cyber security events