Predictive Analytics

A complete digital transformation toolkit that provides actionable insights using big data analytics. Ultimately, businesses will benefit from optimized and automated processes that adopts the latest developments in IoT innovation and advanced analytics.
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  • Preview modern developments in data mining techniques.
  • See how recognition of big data patterns can simplify complexities in asset maintenance.
  • Watch how data is fed in a real-time or near real-time fashion for anomaly detection.
  • Experience fast-reacting alerts on equipment malfunctions.
  • Automate routine tasks to free up efforts for priority tasks.
  • Learn about our security and encryption efforts to ensure company IT protection.
  • Gain insights into cost-effective and ROI-centric efforts through demo briefings.
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  • Learn about the state of connectivity and how the evolution of IoT is affecting business decision-making.
  • Gain insights on the problems around equipment management.
  • Identify key differences in predictive maintenance vs. reactive maintenance and the actions your company needs to take to avoid high-cost/high-risk behavior.
  • Read about industry-trusted statistics that shed insight into data analytics and equipment failure.
  • Find out more about our specific offerings on predictive analytics.
  • See how long-term integration of predictive analytics will streamline work efforts, minimalize risk, and ensure adoption of cost-saving strategies.
Take a Look at the Statistics!


% of company savings by using predictive care. [1]

% of manufacturers switching to automated maintenance management.[2]

% of plants switching to proactive maintenance.[3]

% of time spent reacting to issues rather than taking a proactive stance.[4]

% the reliability of equipment can improve after implementing predictive maintenance.[5]
Typical maintenance management takes up 40-50% of a company’s operational budget.[6]
  • 50%
74% of businesses stated maintenance management’s ease-of-use to be important. [7]
  • 74%
50% reduction in downtime caused by equipment failure. [8]
  • 50%

  • “We make data a tangible asset for your company, helping you make informed decisions at a faster pace.”
    Chris Catterton, ONE Tech Director
    Chris Catterton, ONE Tech Director

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