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Asset Performance Management (APM)

Asset Performance Analytics (APM) Solution Overview

ONE APM optimizes and predicts the Reliability, Availability and Performance of your machines, equipment and vehicles in order to reduce maintenance costs and insure worker safety. It anticipates and adjusts to the ways the factory and field actually operate and delivers value to customers. ONE APM automatically generates real-time insights and recommendations across the factory and field for any asset.

Asset Performance Management dashboards

What Are Some Industry Challenges That Might Prompt the Need to Adopt Asset Performance Management (APM)?

  • Assets are maintained on a pre-determined schedule regardless of actual health
  • Assets are operated under shroud of fear of over-utilization
  • Forecasts are consistently inaccurate due to unexpected operational issues
  • Service teams arrive too late and/or completely blind about asset diagnosis

The “Ripple Effect” That Follows After An Organization Implements the Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution

  • Real-time visibility into when an asset is sick and may fail
  • Real-time alerts describing root cause of asset malfunction
  • Real-time synchronization with service delivery teams
  • Real-time synchronization with part inventory and procurement teams

Optimize and Predict the Reliability, Availability and Performance of your Machines, Equipment and Vehicles in order to Reduce Maintenance Costs and Insure Worker Safety

Data Access and Visibility

View and share the real time activity and performance of your field teams and assets

Asset Performance Management

Providing real-time asset performance detail and “Days to Failure” tracking

Industry-Specific Thought Leadership

Consultative focus on digital solution adoption and efficacy

Gain Access to Truly Transformative Metrics

69% Reduction in Maintenance CostsKnow when your machine or equipment actually needs maintenance

55% Increase in UptimeTechnicians bring the right parts reducing delayed resolutions from multiple site visits

50% Reduction in Legal and Regulatory CostRegulatory compliance with less effort

Empowering the Various Roles of Management-Reliant Organizations to Optimize Assets Lifecycle and Performance


Life Before ONE
Lack of visibility as to when assets will fail, leading to overly expensive scheduled maintenance

Life After ONE
Assets deliver machine health updates to operators and service technicians, improving productivity/uptime and lowering maintenance costs

Sales & Marketing

Life Before ONE
Have to combat poor customer satisfaction reviews and spin downtime events

Life After ONE
Able to leverage improved customer experiences and satisfaction scores as references to increase opportunity pipelines and drive revenue growth


Life Before ONE
Lost profits due to assets being taken offline for scheduled maintenance

Life After ONE
Greater accuracy when projecting asset lifecycle cost and future profitability

Game Changing Features

Predictive Maintenance
Regulatory Compliance
Digital Twinning
Condition Monitoring
Calibration Management
Criticality Analytics

Lifecycle Cost Analytics
Root Cause Analytics
Reliability Analytics
Hazard Analytics
Asset Utilization
Asset Health

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