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ONE works alongside organizations to digitally optimize business and workforce efficiencies. We believe in adapting IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and other transformative elements to augment the business toolkit. Our goal is to disrupt the digital lands cape by reducing workflow inefficiencies, human error, data inaccuracies, and operational costs while enhancing revenue streams, customer loyalty, productivity, and workflow automation.
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

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Get rid of outdated maintenance checking routines.

Aggregates real-time data on equipment and devices.

Implements corrective maintenance to prevent unexpected equipment failure.

Detect faulty equipment ahead of time.
Asset Tracking

Asset/Fleet Tracking

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Provides clear and effective visualization of geo-displaced assets.

Analyzes driver-behavior to reduce on-road hazards.

Enable real-time report analysis for management and customer service.

Real time analytics and reports on both vehicles and containers.
Building Automation

Building Automation

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Track real-time energy expenditure to efficiently consume energy and cut costs.

Connect smart devices to control, automate, and access building systems.

Bolster building security with connected cameras, sensors, and alarms.

Integrate new and legacy smart systems for seamless connectivity.
Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

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Build AI and machine learning models for your particular use cases.

Utilize consultation from industry experts to gain insights for adding value to your organization.

Analyze best practices for RPA, NLP, and other AI applications.

Customize machine learning algorithms for your use cases.

Explore the possibilities of optimization for your particular industry.


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