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Our Tech: MicroAI AtomTM

Your pathway to greater

operational awareness

MicroAITM is a next-generation machine learning algorithm that makes machines intelligent and devices secure.

Why we invented it

ONE Tech’s MicroAITM was developed to enable machine operators and device managers to gather specific data about their assets in real-time without dependency on the cloud. The result was an immediate greater awareness of operational performance and security that led to an accelerated digital transformation of the business. In addition, MicroAITM is able to deliver real-time critical alerts to those who need it most making workers and their environments more safe and more productive.

Our cloud solutions are exceptional at aggregating large amounts of data, running heavy analytics and providing a birds-eye view of all your assets and operations. However, there was too much latency to deliver real-time analytics.

Before MicroAITM, it was near impossible to fit a machine learning algorithm on the edge device. Now, with ONE Tech’s custom built machine learning network, the power and sophistication of MicroAITM can be deployed on your IoT devices and connected machines with ease. Operational insights are now at your fingertips enabling owners, managers and operators to make well informed decisions on when to procure, decommission, maintain and repair their most valuable assets to avoid catastrophic downtime and rework.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Enterprise IT teams, MicroAITM also delivers enhanced visibility and real-time insights into when and where malicious activity has occurred. By embedding MicroAITM into connected devices, manufacturers and managers will no longer need to cross their fingers hoping they are not vulnerable to the next zero day attack.


How It Works

ONE Tech’s unsupervised learning engine evolves by fine tuning itself in order to deliver the most optimal performance improvements and security enhancements to the machine or device.

To provide the most insight, an AI algorithm must be able to ingest numerous forms of sensor data (e.g. acceleration on the x, y, and z axes) MicroAITM can concurrently analyze as many data types as needed to deliver critical alerts with the highest correlation to the specific event.

When assets are sensitive to environmental fluctuations, such as magnetic field disturbances, operators and technicians require high frequency analytics to alert them of any issues. MicroAITM delivers this seamlessly.

In mission-critical operations, actions must be taken on a split second basis to avoid a catastrophic event. MicroAITM processes all the asset data locally enabling immediate event related alerts and faster response time.

Are you a developer?

Have an R&D or development team that want to test it out? Sign up to receive access to our MicroAITM SDKs.

MicroAITM Network

MicroAITM Network has the capability to work with parts of the signaling process distributed across a group of devices and has our next-generation machine learning algorithm with the ability to run real-time edge analytics to a group of devices through a Fog Architecture

Be able to understand how all your machines are performing against each other by type. Compare and contrast the highest performing assets against the ones that require performance optimization.

Engage with networked devices to speed up or slow down operations to optimize usage

Efficiently assign event causes and inferences to specific assets within the networked group

Determine normal vs. abnormal performance profile faster leading to highly accurate signature event alerts

Closing the Loop


ONE’s Cloud provides the infrastructure to access data from any connected source and execute complex algorithms that use data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The integrative capabilities work together to deliver analytics that optimize the performance of every asset while automating sales, service and core internal workflows.

ONE’s Mobile Application brings Next Generation Optimization into the hands of your Technicians, Salespeople and Supervisors. By curating analytic output from the EDGE and CLOUD, ONE MOBILE empowers your field force to address the right task at the right time to improve the customer experience. With ONE MOBILE, stakeholders optimize their daily operations with more visibility and confidence than before.


The Powerful Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

“MicroAI™ enables machine operators and device managers to gather specific data about their assets in real-time without dependency on the cloud.”

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