Security Consulting-Protect Your IoT Assets from Cyber Attack
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Security Consulting

“93% of enterprises are planning to increase their spending on security for IoT and unmanaged devices”

– Forrester

Where does security fall on your priority list ?


Our security consulting experts will identify and mitigate risk across your IoT ecosystem

ONE Tech’s proactive approach to IoT security

1. Balancing the benefits of prevention vs detection
2. Security protocols that are intelligent and automated – be prepared for the advanced threats of today and the unknown threats of tomorrow
3. Providing mechanisms than enable real-time recovery in the event of a security breach
4. Proactive development of security breach communication and response plans

Our Security Consulting Process


The Importance of AI for Cyber Security

“Artificial intelligence continues to be one of the hot technology topics of the moment for good reason. While there are real-world practical applications already in use, technologists are hyped on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can augment cybersecurity, especially for IoT devices.”

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