IoT Enablement-Managing the Complexity of IoT Deployments
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IoT Enablement

“…deriving real business gains from IoT efforts requires changes to a business process—the hard job of modifying the way a company does things.”

– McKinsey

How much are you investing in IoT this year?


Our IoT Enablement Expertise

Sensor Selection & Placement

The market is becoming more saturated with different types of smart devices. We can help you select those devices that will deliver real-time, actionable, insights on the health of your operation.


Each connectivity type offers different capabilities with their own limitations. Find an option that aligns with IT protocols and reap the benefits without adding risk.

A Proven IoT Enablement Process

IoT Strategy & Road Mapping

Baseline assessment of current technologies, objectives, future needs


IoT Integration

Select & implement sensors, customize nodes & gateways, implement cloud architecture, create analytics & reporting


IoT Application Development

Entire development lifecycle support for IoT applications from business analysis, project management, UI/UX design, software development, QA & testing


Improve & Train

Evaluation of solution performance – Iteration on solution – Training on solution to further adoption


IoT can be complex
We help navigate that complexity


Operational Efficiency

IoT Data Decreases OpEx

Data-Driven Discipline

Intelligent Decision-Making

Increased Efficiency

Revenue Growth

IoT Data Drives Business Growth

Better Customer Relationships

Improving Products

New Services & Business Models

Trends in IoT for 2020

“We are in the midst of a technology revolution. The internet is everywhere; it’s on our PCs, our wrists and even in our cars. It’s happening so fast that the number of IoT-connected devices is reaching into the billions globally.”

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