AI Consulting Services to Support Your AI Initiatives
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AI/ML Consulting

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone”

– Michael John Bobak

AI/ML Consulting

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not easy concepts to understand much less to implement. ONE Tech’s AI Consulting Services take the mystery out of AI and ML and help you identify the areas of your business that would benefit from these technologies.


Our AI consulting applies to a wide range of disciplines

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Algorithm
  • Classification
  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • AI
  • Autonomous

AI consulting is enabling major industries to utilize AI and ML to improve operational efficiencies

Increase billable operating uptime and productivity

Improve resource production and distribution efficiency

Decrease operational downtime

Improve energy production and distribution efficiency

Lower maintenance costs and improve worker safety

Increase operational uptime and efficiency

Increase operational availability and lower risk of loss

A Proven AI Consulting Process


The Data Science of Machine Learning

“Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence – which suggests the wide-ranging gamut of use cases requiring machine learning capabilities either in full or in parts.”

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