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MicroAI+Network Overview Sheet

MicroAI+Network Overview Sheet

10 Feb 20


MicroAI+Network Overview Sheet



Why We Invented It

Asset managers have been looking for a way to acquire more real-time data and insights about their operations and were not able to do so until now. MicroAITM harnesses a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, previously only available in the cloud, now able to live with a small footprint inside a device and/or smart equipment.

By ingesting raw asset and environmental data, MicroAITM generates alerts and predictions that optimize asset performance and enhance security oversight. MicroAITM can also be expanded to network together multiple assets for simultaneous monitoring in what we call a the MicroAITM Network. This network capability enables accelerated anomaly detection, performance benchmarking, distributed communication advanced attribution analytics leading to a powerful level of operational intelligence and awareness.