News: ONETech Wins 2021 Connected World IoT Innovations Awards
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ONE Tech Named a Winner in the 2021 Connected World IoT Innovations Awards

23 Jun 21


ONE Tech Named a Winner in the 2021 Connected World IoT Innovations Awards

ONE Tech is proud to announce that we have been named a winner in the 2021 Connected World IoT Innovations Awards. Our new, revolutionary, AI and Machine Learning enablement product, MicroAI™ Atom, has been recognized as a paradigm shift in the way in which AI can be embedded and trained at the IoT device or machine level. AI at the “edge of the edge”.

This is an annual award in which a panel of judges at Connected World evaluate nominees from across a wide range of technology-based companies. Evaluation criteria include the following:

  • Type of product or solution
  • Development strategies
  • Creativity of innovation
  • Market need and competition
  • Addressing market pain points
  • Competitive advantages

MicroAI(TM) Atom was selected as winner of this prestigious award due to its revolutionary approach to embedding and training Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning models directly onto IIoT devices and machines. MicroAI™ Atom provides endpoint-based AI enablement of mission-critical assets to companies within the manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, telecom, and semiconductor industries. MicroAI™ Atom was recognized for its unique ability to resolve asset performance pain points and to transform operational efficiencies.

Connected World is a technology publication that focuses on evolving topics such as IoT, AI, Big Data, Cyber-Security, Machine Learning, and other digital technologies.

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