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Asset Cloud

“…all will depend on sustainable integration to the IoT and OT data collection, and the Asset Management systems used for execution” – Gartner

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Optimize your operation with an Asset Cloud that keeps you in contact with the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE for all your connected assets

ONE Tech’s Asset Management solution lives in the Cloud and leverages ONE Tech’s AI to track, maintain and manage assets, giving visibility into the entire asset lifecycle.

Features of our Asset Cloud

Manage the entire lifecycle of all your IoT assets

Know the where and when for all your IoT devices

Connect your IoT data to all your most important business applications and platforms

Know where your devices are and if they have been compromised

View and share the real-time status and performance of your field techs and your assets

ONE’s Asset Cloud utilizes AI-driven automation to provide real-time insights to your key stakeholders

Consultative approach to APM solution adoption and efficacy

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Typical Industry Challenges

  • Asset/Device location and health are tracked with pens, clipboards and spreadsheets
  • Device specific information about warranties and service history are inaccessible or lost
  • Assets are, unknowingly, under-utilized limiting productivity
  • Lost, stolen or damaged goods aren’t realized until an audit, cutting into profitability

Asset Cloud Impact

  • Real-time visibility into asset location and health
  • Real-time device alerts prescribing hardware or software updates
  • Real-time alerts about active/inactive status of assets
  • Security and confidence to make well-informed decisions

Edge AI – Maximizing the Performance of Your IoT Deployment

“Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0, and AI-powered solutions are no longer “futuristic” ideas.”

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