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Asset Cloud Management

The Power of AI-Enabled Asset Cloud Management

Optimize your IT asset tracking by knowing the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE for all your mission-critical assets.


ONE Tech’s Asset Management solution resides in the cloud and leverages AI capabilities to track, maintain, and manage your assets. Asset Cloud Management that delivers real-time visibility into key asset metrics (inventory, utilization, performance, and reliability).

ONE’s Asset Cloud Ecosystem
Real Time – Asset Tracking System
  • Easy tracking of IT asset status regardless of physical location
  • AI-enabled predictive risk and criticality assessment
  • Real-time insights into asset availability, utilization, efficiency, and more
API Gateway Management
  • Connect your asset data to your existing business applications and platform
  • Ability to quickly define, secure, deploy, and share API’s at any volume
  • Comprehensive API monitoring and performance analytics
Asset Security Oversight
  • 24/7 IT asset tracking—never lose sight of your assets
  • Automated security alerts—quick response to security breaches
  • Eliminate costly lag times between security breaches and effective response

What are the real impacts of AI-fueled Asset Cloud Management?

  • Ability to collect, consolidate and analyze essential information on all types of assets
  • Improve operations through better asset availability, reliability, and utilization
  • Extend asset value and life cycle via real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Unification of disparate processes for IT asset tracking across multiple asset locations
These implications apply to any asset-intensive industry (oil and gas, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, construction, telecom, etc.) that is challenged with finding ways to maximize the operational value of their critical assets. ONE’s Asset Cloud Management solution meets those challenges.
Some Of Our Clients

Working with industry leaders and partners, ONE’s AI-fueled Asset Cloud Management solution has been designed to fit an enterprise, regardless of industry or business size.

  • Oil & Gas

    Improve asset production and distribution efficiency

  • Utilities

    Improve production rates and reduce asset costs

  • Transportation

    Improve asset performance reliability and customer satisfaction

  • Manufacturing

    Extend life of capital assets while maximizing their output

  • Construction

    Reduce reliance on manual, on-site, asset inspection

  • Telecom

    Network asset tracking that delivers superior customer experience

Discover the Power of IT Asset Compliance with Our Step-by-Step Process

Discovery 1
  • Understand Business Needs
  • Map Existing Data Sources
  • Create Solution Architecture
  • Create UX Mockups
  • On-Site Team Meeting
  • Deploy Environment to Evaluate ROI and Business Value
  • Gain Feedback
  • Iterate and Refine
  • Map Production Roll-Out Plan
Production 3
  • Complete Extensive QA Testing
  • Conduct Formal User Training
  • Host Client Facing Webinars for Launch
  • Scaled Deployment Launch
Improve & Train 4
  • Continue Feature Engineering for AI Model Improvement
  • Train Client Users (if applicable) for utilizing tools for continued process improvement
  • Easy Change Management Process