Technologies we Use to Deliver Industrial Solution
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About ONE Tech, Inc

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Company Overview

Based in Dallas, Texas and founded in 2018, ONE Tech is an AI-driven technology company that designs, develops and deploys next-generation IoT solutions for OEMs, network operators and enterprises.

A joint venture of Systena America and Plasma, ONE Tech’s proprietary algorithms power our MicroAI™ solution, which is small enough to live on a connected device. With MicroAI™, ONE Tech detects device behavior anomalies enabling asset owners to predict machine maintenance and prevent cybersecurity events.

With deployments in industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture and telecom, our solutions help companies optimize the performance and security of their assets in a highly-connected world.

Embed ONE’s AI/ML into the OEM Gateway Device to monitor/analyze in order to Discover, Detect and Defend against cyber security events

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