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What's under the hood?

Take a closer look at the engine that enables our solutions to be so effective and efficient. These digital elements, combined with other capabilities, are at the cutting edge of technological innovation and business intelligence.

01. IoT Capabilities

The advent of connected devices and data storage has prompted enterprises to adopt the best Internet of Things functionalities for their businesses.

Adopting a network of connected devices, sensors, assets, vehicles, and anything you could possibly imagine – enables businesses to access, exchange, and analyze business-critical data points.

02. Connect to Any Data Source

Adopt codeless and dynamic connectivity with all devices, sensors, databases, existing IT systems, APIs, gateways, and more!

03. BPM (Business Process Management)

ONE Tech is focused on deploying robust IoT solutions that are fully integrated with comprehensive BPM capabilities.

This continuous loop of business-focused mechanisms works to streamline activities, connect IT systems and devices, lower costs, and maximize output.

04. KPIs and Important Metrics

Collection and analysis of real-time data to create metrics and KPI’s that are critical to the success of your enterprise.

Ability to curate data from a cross-section of data sources and then organize that data into analytics that can be digested and acted upon quickly and effectively.

05. Big Data

Data drives our solutions and fuels your successes. We understand that not all data is created equal. We work with you to identify those sets of data that can actually create value within your enterprise.

06. Personalized Support System

One Tech is committed to your success! That success is dependent upon your ability to fully utilize your customized solution. Our professional support staff provides the expertise necessary to ensure best-in-class performance reliability and availability of your ecosystem. When you encounter issues our staff will respond quickly and effectively.

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